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Lakota Nations, South Dakota

Lakota Nations, South Dakota

You must be fifteen years old at time of travel to participate in this trip.

Our accommodations will be basic; our food simple--until our Fire House Restaurant feast! We’ll learn how refreshing an afternoon hose-shower can be on a hot afternoon, and how thrilling it is to brush our teeth as the sun rises rose-gold on the horizon. We’ll learn what the roots of inherited historical trauma are, and what it looks like--in people and on the land. But we’ll also learn that for the Lakota, sovereignty is real--if not in law or politics, then most certainly in ancient traditions and a fierce spirit of activism. With scholars, activists and ethno-botanists affiliated with Oglala Lakota College, we will make pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the Wounded Knee Massacre, the Black Hills, and the Badlands. Our hope is that in preparing for and experiencing all this, our students will come to understand how U.S. legal, political and economic policy, and educational and religious institutions have historically circumscribed the land and lives of indigenous people--and still do. We also know how this trip brings out the best in all who participate in it. It’s a chance for us to listen, experience, learn...do good work, make good friends, and understand that no one need leave the world as one finds it.
Dates: June 13-24, 2020
Estimated Cost: $3,200
Student Travel Group Max: 12
Dream Team: Mr. Muñoz, Ms. Gwara, Mr. Rossi, Ms. Wood
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In this third year of partnership with Simply Smiles, we will learn from and work with several communities of the Lakota Nation living on Cheyenne River and Pine Ridge tribal land. In our own Ms. Kourkoulis’ words--”This trip is hard in all the right ways.”
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